Medela Purelan Nipple Ointment

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Medela’s PureLan nipple ointment, soothes and moisturizes.
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Medela’s PureLan nipple ointment soothes gaps and sensitive, painful and dry nipples. PureLan nipple ointment provides an extra protective layer on sore or irritated nipples during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
The PureLan ointment contains 100% pure lanolin (wool fat) without artificial additives or preservatives and therefore does not have to be removed before breastfeeding.
You can also use the ointment for other dry spots on your skin or the skin of your baby, it restores the natural skin balance and hydrates.
Content tube: 37 grams.


  • Medela PureLan Nipple Ointment.
  • Content: 37 grams.
  • Developed for breastfeeding mothers.
  • Helps with sensitive and dry nipples.
  • Eases the pain.
  • Restores natural skin fats and moisturizes dry or chapped skin.
  • 100% natural lanolin without artificial additives.
  • Does not need to be removed before breastfeeding.
  • Can also be used for your baby’s dry skin.


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